How to Buy Nursery Window Blinds & Shades

Shopping Made Easy

Ideas for nursery and kids window treatments.

There are many things to consider when choosing blinds for your baby nursery. The most important factors are safety, durability and functionality. View some of the nursery blinds and shade choices you have to decorate your child’s nursery windows with Steve’s cordless nursery window treatments. Steve’s Blinds offers a terrific selection of window coverings in a wide variety of colors and fabrics sure to match any decor. Ready to shop? View our nursery window treatment ideas below by browsing through our collection of custom made window blinds and window shades that are made to your exact specifications. Shop online today at Steve’s Blinds to save on your new baby nursery window treatments.

Nursery Cellular Shades

Steve’s Cellular and honeycomb shades for your nursery provides the highest energy efficiency and sound absorption than any other window treatment. Steve’s Cordless Cellular Shades are ideal window treatment for nursery rooms, the cordless lift system eliminates dangling cord hazards of traditional cord-controlled window treatment. The cordless lift system also provides a cleaner, finished appearance. Simply pull up on the handle to open, or push down to close. Steve's Exclusive Cellular Cordless Shades are custom made to your exact size specifications and opacity. Room darkening or blackout cellular shades are ideal for a nursery as it allows your baby to sleep easily during the day. Also available in select cordless cellular collection cordless top down bottom up, this option allows you to adjust the top independently from the bottom, ideal for the nursery when you want light to filter and still keep full privacy.

Nursery Pleated Shades

Steve’s Pleated Shades adds texture to your nursery windows with a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns. Steve's cordless pleated shades offers light control level choices including, sheer, light filtering and room darkening. Steve's cordless pleated shades are ideal for the baby’s nursery, the cordless lift system eliminates dangling cord hazards of traditional cord-controlled window treatments, install them as the main nursery window treatment or layer with draperies. With Steve’s Pleated Shades you get the look of a cellular shade at an affordable price. Also available in select cordless pleated collection cordless top down bottom up, this option allows you to adjust the top independently from the bottom.

Nursery Faux Wood Blinds

Nursery window treatments need to be functional, safe and attractive, Steve’s faux wood blinds combines them all. Nursery Faux Woods Blinds have the look and glamour of real wood blinds but are durable, easy to clean and more importantly they are affordable. Steve’s offers a cordless 1.5" faux wood blind ideal for nursery rooms, it creates a clean appearance with no hanging cords, simply pull blinds up or down to open and close, an excellent option for homes with children. The exterior view is ideal with a 1.5 inch slat plus you obtain more light and privacy control. Steve’s Faux Wood Nursery Blinds are made in a variety of smooth and embossed finishes and in all many white and woodgrain printed colors that will match or coordinate with your baby’s nursery furniture and floors. A nice and convenient feature of these blinds is that it is easy to control the light and privacy by tilting the slats upwards to allow light to filter and still maintain privacy, for full exterior view simply open the blind or close the slats to obtain blackout nursery blinds.

Nursery Mini Horizontal Blinds

For a more modern decor and price conscious consumer, Steve’s Horizontal Mini Blinds work well in Nursery rooms. Steve’s Aluminum Mini Blinds for your baby’s nursery windows are easy to clean, durable and provide privacy. Steve’s Mini Blinds are available in ½" slat, 1" slat and 2" slat sizes. It is very easy to control the amount of light and privacy with these blinds simply by tilting the slats open and closed. Add some personality and style to your nursery windows by adding trendy stylish bright and bold colors or choose light neutral and pastel colors for a soothing setting. Choose Steve’s Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds for added safety.