How to Buy Bedroom Window Blinds & Shades

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Ideas for bedroom window treatments.

The window coverings in your bedroom need to block light and provide privacy, but they also need to be functional and aesthetically beautiful. View some of the many ways you can decorate your bedroom windows with our most popular Steve’s bedroom window blinds and shades. Steve’s Blinds offers a great selection of window coverings in a wide variety of colors and fabrics that are sure to match any decor and allow you to create a warm ambiance in every room. Ready to shop? View our bedroom window treatment ideas below by browsing through our collection of custom made window blinds and window shades that can be made to your exact specifications. Shop online today at Steve’s Blinds to save on your new bedroom window treatments.

Bedroom Cellular Shades

In a bedroom usually the most important factors with respect to window treatments are privacy, room darkening, insulation and sound absorption. If these are your concerns then the perfect choice is Cellular Shades, also known as honeycomb shades. Steve’s Cellular Shades offer a wide range of light filtering fabrics from allowing a lot of light into the room to helping to darken the bedroom. Some collections are also available in complete blackout shades. The bedroom cellular shade fabrics come in single, double, and triple cell material all of which provides sound absorption and incredible insulation in both the hot and cold months. During hot months these shades keep the sun, heat, and ultraviolet rays out and the cool air in. During the cold months they keep the cold air out and the heat inside your room. Bedroom Cellular Shades are great to bring color into your room while maintaining a neutral uniform color to the outside of your home because the fabric that faces the outside is the same neutral color while the fabric facing the inside ranges from neutral to vibrant colors. The top down-bottom up feature is very popular with this type of shade particularly for bedroom window treatments. This feature allows you to lower the blind from the top of the window to allow natural light into the room and because the bottom of the cellular shade stays in a lowered position it provides incredible privacy. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Cellular Shades

Bedroom Wood Blinds

If you are looking for a clean and tailored feel Steve’s Real Wood Blinds is the perfect choice for your bedroom window treatments. Real Wood Blinds provide a timeless beauty to any room. Because of the wide range of stained and painted finishes these bedroom window blinds can add warmth and traditional charm to any room. The 2 ½" wood slat provides for more of a shutter look and adds a superior view to the outside when open. There are many options that are available with Steve’s Real Wood Blinds perfect to customize your bedroom blinds, including routless feature that eliminates the route holes which provides more light and privacy control, decorative cloth tapes, cordless and motorization. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Wood Blinds.

Bedroom Sheer Horizontal Shades

To create an elegant, sophisticated feeling you need to consider the latest innovation in bedroom window treatments, Steve’s Sheer Horizontal Shades. These bedroom window treatments have the softness and elegance of drapery but the functionality of a horizontal shade. Steve’s Sheer Horizontal Shades come in a wide assortment of soft delicate but durable fabrics, from light filtering to room darkening. Sheer horizontal fabric vanes are available in 2" soft slat and 3" soft slat size, they float between two sheer layers to soften the view outside. With several variations of vane positions for numerous combinations of privacy, view and light control - enabling you to invite in as much or as little light as you want into your home. Bedroom Horizontal Sheer Shades raise and lower like a roller shade, and when fully raised, they completely disappear into the headrail providing an unobtrusive view. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Sheer Horizontal Shades.

Bedroom Bamboo Woven Wood Shades

Bedroom Natural Woven Wood window treatments provide incredible organic beauty. These woven wood blinds are interwoven with natural soft woods including bamboo, jute, grass and reeds. Steve’s Woven Wood Shades subtly infuse the environment with natural elements, gently filtering light from outside or simply add a liner to block light and increase the privacy in your bedroom. They definitely help relax the mind, kindle the senses, and soothe the soul. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Bamboo Woven Wood Shades.