How to Buy Bathroom Window Blinds & Shades

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Time to change your bathroom window treatments today.

Set the overall mood and energy of your bathroom by changing your window treatments and transform your bathroom into a stylish and relaxing oasis. Whether you have limited space or a grand master bathroom the windows in your bathroom deserve special attention either to bring in a splash of color or to provide adequate privacy. Steve’s Blinds offers a terrific selection of bathroom window coverings in a wide variety of colors and fabrics sure to match your decor. Ready to shop? View our bathroom window treatment ideas below by browsing through our collection of custom made window blinds and window shades that are made to your exact specifications. Shop online today at Steve’s Blinds to save on your new bathroom window treatments.

Bathroom Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds in bathrooms need to be easy to clean and durable to moisture, especially if they are near the sink, tub or shower. That is why Steve’s Faux Wood Blinds is one of our recommended window treatments for bathrooms. Bathroom Faux Woods Blinds have the look and glamour of real wood blinds but are durable to moisture and will not warp, easy to clean and more importantly they are affordable. Steve’s Faux Wood Blinds are made in a variety of smooth and embossed finishes and in many white and woodgrain printed colors that will match or coordinate with your bathroom cabinets and floors. A nice and convenient feature of these blinds is that it is easy to control the light and privacy by tilting the slats upwards to allow light to filter while still maintaining privacy. For full exterior view simply open the blind. Faux wood blinds are the perfect window covering for your bathroom. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Faux Wood Blinds

Bathroom Cellular Shades

Bathroom Cellular Shades are durable and can withstand moisture and water. These shades are easily cleaned with a wet sponge. Steve’s Cellular Shades come in a variety of fabrics from light filtering to blackout ideal to provide bathroom privacy. The fabrics are available in single cell, double cell and triple cell material which provides incredible insulation in both the hot and cold months, the perfect balance of privacy and light control for small and large bathrooms. Cellular Shades are great to bring color into your bathroom while maintaining a neutral uniform color to the outside of your home. The top down-bottom up feature is a very popular option to get with your cellular shades. This feature allows you to lower the blind from the top of the window to allow natural light into the room but because the bottom shade stays in a lowered position it provides incredible privacy recommended for windows over a shower or tub. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Cellular Shades.

Bathroom Mini Blinds

For a more modern decor and price conscious consumer, Steve’s Horizontal Mini Blinds work well in bathrooms. Steve’s Aluminum Mini Blinds for your bathroom are easy to clean, will not warp or discolor with the moisture found in bathrooms. Steve’s Mini Blinds are available in ½" slat, 1" slat and 2" slat sizes. It is very easy to control the amount of light and privacy with these blinds simply by tilting the slats open and closed. Add some flair to your bathroom by adding trendy stylish bright and bold colors. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Mini Blinds.

Bathroom Roman Shades

Bathroom Roman Shades combine the beauty of fabric window treatments with the easy operation of a shade, these shades add warmth to your bathroom and are durable to resist heat and moisture. Steve’s Roman Shades offer color and texture that allows you to decorate your bathroom and coordinate the decor with the rest of the house. Choose from a flat fold where the fabric hangs straight once the shade is lowered or choose a hobbled fold for a sophisticated look. Romans Shades offer a variety of features to upgrade a shade for example cordless lifting system is the most popular it allows you to lift the shade by simply pushing the shade up, this provides a cleaner bathroom window or choose top down-bottom up, this feature allows you to lower the blind from the top down to allow natural light into the room. Browse all of Steve’s Exclusive Collection Roman Shades.