Taupe Roller and Solar Shades, Taupe Roller & Solar Shades

Description: Steve's 5% Openness outdoor solar shades block 95% of sun rays while still having a view. Steve's solar shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® for low VOC-emitting materials. GREENGUARD is tested for their chemical and particle emission to promote safe and healthy indoor environments.View our Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $98.52

Description: Solar roller shades are a popular window treatment to block sun rays while still having a view. Select from a variety of openness, the larger the percent of openness the more view out and less privacy you will obtain. Manufactured with ease of fabrication in mind, this collection is a full basket weave of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarn and are designed expressly for applications that require a more opaque and nondirectional fabric.Roller and Fabric DeductionsInside Mount: The roller is cut down .125" to allow for mechanism and brackets - the fabric will be deducted 1.125". Outside Mount: The roller is exact ordered measurement - the fabric will be deducted 1 3/8".Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
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Price: $70.20

Description:   Bali sliding panels are perfect for patio doors, wide windows, or as a room divider, as these panels slide along a smooth operating aluminum track. They’re durable and dust-resistant, and the patent-pending panel attachment design reduces light gap between panels and securely holds heavy materials.   Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester Privacy Level: Light Filtering – Light is filtered to varying degrees depending on fabric style and color; silhouettes of objects and people are visible through the shade. Color to Streetside: White   --Coordinates with Bali Roller and Roman Shades--   Cleaning and Care: Roller shade fabrics are virtually maintenance free. If the panels get dusty, simply vacuum over them using an upholstery attachment. A feather duster can also be used to gently remove dust. Panels may be gently wiped with a clean damp cloth, but do not completely immerse in water.   Pattern Alignment: Due to the pattern design or Roller, Solar, Roman and Natural shade materials, exact alignment of the pattern across panels is not possible.   Bali’s Limited Lifetime Warranty   What is Covered: This sliding panel product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the product provided that: ·                The product was properly installed in a residential dwelling ·                The product was made or assembled exclusively from Bali Window Fashions’ materials and components ·                Bali’s recommendations were followed with regard to limitations and specifications   Who is Covered: The warranty extends only to you as the original purchaser of the Sliding Panel blind. Obligations to the Consumer: The obligations of Bali are limited to the repair or replacement of parts or product found to be defective. Bali is not responsible for shipping costs or labor costs for measuring and taking the shade down or reinstalling the product. If repairs are made under this warranty, the repairs will be made with like or similar parts.   What the Warranty Does not Cover: This warranty does not cover conditions or damages caused by accidents, alterations, misuse, or failure to follow instructions for measurements, installation, cleaning or maintenance. In addition, normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. All fabrics can lose original intensity after long exposure to the sun. When left for extended periods in direct sunlight, plastics tend to yellow or crack. All cords will eventually wear out. Bali considers these things to be normal wear and tear and are not covered by this warranty.   This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other written or oral warranties or obligations and liabilities.   Bali shall have no liability whatsoever for incidental or consequential damages. .
Price: $295.95

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