Black Sheer Horizontal Shades, Black Light Filtering Sheer Shades

Description: Sheer Shades incorporate dual layers of alternating solid and sheer horizontal vanes that can open and close. In the closed position, the vanes are aligned and light filters through the sheers for gentle illumination. The panels can be raised up and out of sight into the integrated valance..
Price: $75.00

Description: Dual layers of horizontal fabric segments alternating between sheer and opaque fabric. When open and the stripes are aligned, light filters through the sheer fabric. .
Price: $132.84

Description: Levolor Sheer Shadings offer delicate fabrics that allow light to softly filter into the room. Sheer Shades give you the look of a shade combined with the operation of a blind. Horizontal vanes float between two layers of sheer to provide an understated elegance to any decor..
Price: $244.50

Description: Levolor Spree Banded Roller Shades are a great choice for a modern, sophisticated look. Alternate bands of sheer and solid fabrics allow you to choose open, closed, or somewhere in between to adjust light and privacy. Using light filtering fabric, the Spree collection of fabrics soften light while maintaining privacy..
Price: $197.00

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