Desert Sand Blinds, Desert Sands Blinds

Description:   6-Gauge Aluminum slats with a compact 1” x 1” steel headrail Provided with a standard 2-slat Valance     Advanced Finishing Technology: Bali’s aluminum blind finish actually repels and resists scratching and staining with a technology advanced finish that reduces static electricity and creates a smoother, harder, less porous surface, where dust literally slides of the blinds, stains don’t penetrate the surface and can be easily wiped off without scratching the paint. As a result, the blinds stay cleaner longer and resist mold and mildew. Advantages: ·               Anti-static dust control to inhibit dust build-up ·               Stain inhibitors making cleaning easier ·               Scratch resistance ·               Long-lasting protection ·               Bacterial growth resistance to reduce mold and mildew in high humidity areas .
Price: $36.37

Description: Soft, neutral colors with a smooth finish..
Price: $54.92

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