Deep Cherry, Deep Cherry Wood Blinds, Deep Cherry Blinds

Description: 2" slat for more design flexibility.  Natural and inviting, Bali wood blinds add warmth and richness to any decor.  Crafted from North American hardwoods and hand-assembled, our meticulous attention detail ensures the highest level of quality craftsmanship.  Choose valance options to complete the look of your window...cloth tapes to add a decorative accent and hide rout holes...or the contemporary design of the trapezoid bottomrail option for increased light control..
Price: $70.75

Description: Bali vertical wood blinds provide a perfect solution for patio doors and wide windows. With an exclusive hinged-vane design to prevent warping (common on wood vertical vanes), they create tight closures and trouble-free operation. Match your wood vertical blinds with your horizontal wood blinds for a coordinated look. .
Price: $265.30

Description: All the advantages of faux wood blinds, plus more options like decorative cloth tapes. Among expanded features: a trapezoid bottomrail, which enhances privacy and light control, and stain colors that match Bali wood blinds. A wood blind look at a more affordable price. Traditional 2" slat is made for areas with high humidity and where more privacy is desired. Customize your blinds by adding decorative valance or cornices, cloth tapes or NoHoles..
Price: $47.17

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