Product listing: 'Lamplight Customiser Aluminum Blinds Mini Blinds from Bali Shades and Blinds ' to 'Palazzo Gold Sheer Vertical Blinds Vertical Blinds from Steve's Exclusive Collection '

Description:   6-Gauge Aluminum slats with a compact 1” x 1” steel headrail Provided with a standard 2-slat Valance     Advanced Finishing Technology: Bali’s aluminum blind finish actually repels and resists scratching and staining with a technology advanced finish that reduces static electricity and creates a smoother, harder, less porous surface, where dust literally slides of the blinds, stains don’t penetrate the surface and can be easily wiped off without scratching the paint. As a result, the blinds stay cleaner longer and resist mold and mildew. Advantages: ·               Anti-static dust control to inhibit dust build-up ·               Stain inhibitors making cleaning easier ·               Scratch resistance ·               Long-lasting protection ·               Bacterial growth resistance to reduce mold and mildew in high humidity areas .
Price: $28.14

Description: Multi tone with a weave look a like pattern made of a light fitering fabric that is same color to the streetside.  Provides minimal privacy, natural light is gently filtered through closed shade. .
Price: $236.82

Description: 2" slat for more design flexibility.  Natural and inviting, Bali wood blinds add warmth and richness to any decor.  Crafted from North American hardwoods and hand-assembled, our meticulous attention detail ensures the highest level of quality craftsmanship.  Choose valance options to complete the look of your window...cloth tapes to add a decorative accent and hide rout holes...or the contemporary design of the trapezoid bottomrail option for increased light control..
Price: $53.78

Description: Bali vertical wood blinds provide a perfect solution for patio doors and wide windows. With an exclusive hinged-vane design to prevent warping (common on wood vertical vanes), they create tight closures and trouble-free operation. Match your wood vertical blinds with your horizontal wood blinds for a coordinated look. .
Price: $212.29

Description: These blinds offer a more organic look with a rich, woven look and feel. Available in 5 stylish colors..
Price: $167.93

Price: $45.29

Description: Offers the feel of real fabric with the durability of a laminated backing..
Price: $100.07

Description: Opacity Level: Light Filtering – Light is filtered to varying degrees depending on fabric style and color; silhouettes of objects and people are visible through the shade. Fabric Composition: 100% PolyesterWhite to Streetside Appearance: No-same color front and backCleaning and Care Information:Roller Shade Fabrics: Virtually maintenance free. If the shade is dusty, simply vacuum over it using an upholstery attachment. A feather duster can also be used to gently remove dust. Shades may also be gently wiped with a clean damp cloth. Allow the shade to dry completely before raising. Do not completely immerse.Fabric Disclaimers: To ensure color consistency and avoid dye lot variation, please order all shades for the same room at the same time. Due to the nature of the weaving process, some imperfection in the weave is normal.Pattern Alignment: Due to the random design of some solar and roller fabric weaves, exact alignment of the pattern across shades or fabric-wrapped cornices used on multiple windows is not possible, nor is centering of patterns across the width of single shades or height of fabric-wrapped cornices..
Price: $88.59

Description: Exterior Solar Shades are installed to the outside of the window, porch or patio to block the sun’s rays before they reach the interior, reducing glare, UV-ray damage and air-conditioning costs year-round. The lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature controls.View our Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $120.16

Description: 100% kiln dried hardwood that is hand sanded and sealed with a four coat baked in finish. Available in 5 colors. Available with 2.5", 3.5" or 4.5" louvers. Shutter types include: Standard Folding, Bi-Fold Slider, Bi-Pass Slider, Bi-Pass Slider with Bottom Track, Double Bi-Pass Slider, Double Hung, T-post, French Door and French Door with Cut-out. 8 designer frame choices.We make choosing the perfect shutters for your home easy, click here to use our design guide now!.
Price: $123.52

Description: Levolor Sheer Shadings offer delicate fabrics that allow light to softly filter into the room. Sheer Shades give you the look of a shade combined with the operation of a blind. Horizontal vanes float between two layers of sheer to provide an understated elegance to any decor..
Price: $221.68

Description: Durable material with the look of authentic leather..
Price: $64.06

Price: $95.23

Description: A great alternative to the traditional vertical blinds. The long panels of fabric glide smoothly and are easy to install and operate on medium to large windows. Available in a wide range of handmade weaves and patterns using a variety of material combinations with 4 stylish colors to choose from..
Price: $167.93

Price: $292.06

Description: Steve's Exclusive Collection Beyond Best 2" Faux Wood Blinds bring contemporary style with unique and interesting colors and textures. These blinds are durable and perfect for areas where you want low maintenance blinds without sacrificing style!.
Price: $60.25

Description: Levolor Bliss Banded Roller Shades are a great choice for a modern, sophisticated look. Alternate bands of sheer and solid fabrics allow you to choose open, closed, or somewhere in between to adjust light and privacy. Using light filtering fabric, the Bliss collection of fabrics soften light while maintaining privacy..
Price: $217.77

Price: $60.52

Price: $95.23

Price: $355.71

Price: $292.06

Price: $292.06

Price: $292.94

Price: $250.84

Description: Look and warmth of real wood with the performance of advanced materials and technology.  Scratch and dust resistant outer shell.  Composite formula for greater strength and durability.  Comparable insulating value to wood.  Ideal for high temperature, high humidity conditions.  Easy to clean, great for homes with children.  Uniform texture and sheen.  Color-coordinating valance, bottomrail, wand tilter and ladder.  Surcharge Options:  LightMaster (edge rout design provides tighter closure to minimize light and increase privacy), decorative and solid tapes, multiple blinds on one headrail and extended valance. .
Price: $41.12

Description: Bali Roller and Solar Shades Caballero is 8% openness, this shade provides a UV blockage of 92%. Bali Caballero collection with rich earth tones and a woven texture, the fabric composition is 20% polyester, 80% vinyl on polyester and is GreenGuard® Certified. Bali solar shades window treatments do not offer nighttime privacy, lighted interiors allow inward visibility. Perfect for rooms where privacy is not a concern. If complete privacy is desired consider getting Bali dual shade where it integrates two fabrics and can be independently lowered or raised or Bali solar shades can be paired with draperies for complete privacy. For larger windows, sliding glass doors or for room dividers shop the alternative vertical window treatment Bali Sliding Solar Panels for a unified interior design.Click Here to View Our Solar Screen Openness Guide.  .
Price: $89.46

Description: Curved embossed vane styles gives vertical blinds a drapery look. Reversible painted steel headrail provides mounting flexibility and durability. Channel panel valance with returns included..
Price: $66.02

Price: $292.06

Description:   One look and you'll see why Designer Textures is considered among our premier fabrics. This woven fabric, exclusive to Levolor, retains its visually appealing texture and rich colors even with sun exposure. Designer Textures features crisper pleats that hold their edge so the fabric keeps looking new, longer. Exclusive woven fabrics retain their rich color and texture even with sun exposure Available with Energy Shield for maximum energy efficiency Single cell construction adds insulation and is appropriate for most windows and mounting depths Available in 30 fashionable colors   Fabric Type: Woven Privacy Level: Medium Energy Efficiency (R-Value)*: 2.9 Sunlight Protection (UPF Rating)**: 50   *The r-value is the window’s resistance to air flow. The higher the r-value number, the more effective the window is in reducing cooling and heating costs. Cellular shades also add insulation and can increase the r-value of a window. Cellular shades trap air within the honeycomb pockets of the shade therefore, less air escapes through the glass and window frame when cellular shades are used as window treatments. Remember, the type of glass, fame and window sash can affect the r-value of the overall window. **The Ultraviolet Protection Factor shows how well a fabric protects the solar UV rays. Levolor cellular fabrics have UPF rating to help you gauge the best solution for protecting your furnishings, floor coverings, and artwork from fading. UPF ratings range from 15 to 50, with 15-20 as good and UV blockage from 93-96%. UPF ratings of 25-35 are very good with UV blockage from 96-98%. UPF ratings of 40-50 are considered excellent and provide UV blockage from 98-99%.   Cleaning and Care: Use a brush-type vacuum attachment or feather duster for dusting. Stroke lightly over the shade. To clean with water, use a lukewarm damp sponge and lightly dab. Avoid contact with window cleaning products.   Please Note: Color lot variations may occur due to the process of color application and cellularization. For the best color match, order all shades for a room at the same time. Pattern availability and color lot match between orders cannot be assured. Any variation in color is in accordance with industry standards.   Levolor Lifetime-Limited Warrant*: Levolor® Window Fashions proudly extends a lifetime-limited warrant on the enclosed product to the original residential retail purchaser as long as the product remains in the original window.  .
Price: $78.21

Description: Steve's Exclusive Exclusive Soft Sheer Vertical Blinds offers you the privacy of the sheer blind, but has elegant look of drapery at a lower price! The sheer fabric softens the natural light showing through, while vinyl vanes providing you with privacy when in the closed position..
Price: $0.00