Product listing: 'Bamboo Curved Embossed Vertical Blinds from Levolor Blinds ' to 'Impressions II Winter Sheer Enchantment Sheer Vertical Blinds from Bali Shades and Blinds '

Description: Durable material with a grainy, wood-like texture..
Price: $67.60

Description: Exterior Solar Shades are installed to the outside of the window, porch or patio to block the sun’s rays before they reach the interior, reducing glare, UV-ray damage and air-conditioning costs year-round. The lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature controls.View our Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $154.05

Price: $102.32

Description: Steve's Exclusive Collection Better Woven Roman Shades is a classic light filtering roman shade with a cordless mechanism that raises and lowers the shade smoothly while offering a contemporary flat-folding style. Steve's Woven Roman Shades are custom made blinds for your windows or doors. Choose from a selection of neutral colors. These Shades combine the beauty of a fabric window treatment with the function of a blind. Please be advised, fabric lining is not available with the woven roman shades.
Price: $109.78

Description:   Ideal for larger windows and added depth. You get a greater view through the window due to the increased slat spacing and less stack. There is a large color selection designed to coordinate with furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and other wood accents in your home.   This is the most complete stain collection available in the marketplace. The specially selected stains and wood grains of this collection are designed to harmonize with any furnishings, any space, or any style. From maple to cherry to pecan tones, this collection has it all! Also, the paint colors are designed to complement finishes in your home from crown molding to window frames. Levolor painstakingly prepares each slat with multiple coats of the highest quality paints to ensure the blind resists scratching and keeps its new look.   Resistance to Slat Warpage: Better Performance in High Humidity: Good Resistance to UV Fading: Best Lift Weight* (36” x 60”): Best (5 lbs)   *Weight of slats and bottomrail only. This weight does not include valance, headrail or conponentry weight as these are stationary when the blind is raised/lowered.   Cleaning You can keep your Levolor blinds looking their best by periodically wiping them with a soft cloth, a dusting mitt, or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can clean the blind hanging in place or you can take it down. By tilting the slats down, but not closed, you will be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat. Do not use water, solvents, or abrasive solutions as it will cause damage to the blind not covered under warranty.  .
Price: $107.89

Description: Levolor Bliss Banded Roller Shades are a great choice for a modern, sophisticated look. Alternate bands of sheer and solid fabrics allow you to choose open, closed, or somewhere in between to adjust light and privacy. Using light filtering fabric, the Bliss collection of fabrics soften light while maintaining privacy..
Price: $281.97

Description: 2" slat is ideal for larger windows.  9 gauge  - the thickest premium aluminum slats, made from 90% recycled material and provide the best prevention against "kinking".  DustGuard paint additive reduces dust buildup by 50%.   Single slat framed Vogue valance provides a uniform appearance. .
Price: $54.46

Description: Soft, neutral colors with a smooth finish..
Price: $56.34

Description: Bali sliding panels are perfect for patio doors, wide windows, or as a room divider, as these panels slide along a smooth operating aluminum track. They’re durable and dust-resistant, and the patent-pending panel attachment design reduces light gap between panels and securely holds heavy materials. Fabric Composition: 65% Vinyl on Fiberglass, 35% FiberglassOpenness: 14%UV Blockage: 86%Color to Streetside: Same front and back --Coordinates with Bali Solar Shades— Solar Shades are Ideal For:·               Maintaining an outward viewo       Filter and diffuse light while maintaining an outward viewo       The higher the openness factor and darker the fabric, the clearer the view·               Managing Glareo       Minimize glare on televisions and home office computerso       The darker the fabric color, the better the glare control and visibility·               Blocking Damaging UV rayso       The amount of UV ray blockage is the inverse of a fabric’s openness factor (ie: a fabric with 10% openness blocks 90% of UV rays.o       Protect your furniture, carpets, artwork, etc. from fading due to harmful UV rays·               Temperature Controlo       Solar fabric reduce heat transmittance, keeping rooms cooler and increasing the comfort level in your homeo       The lighter the fabric, the better the temperature control Note: Solar shades do not offer nighttime privacy as lighted interiors allow inward visibility. If complete privacy is desired, a secondary treatment is necessary. Cleaning and Care: Solar shade fabrics are virtually maintenance free. Only periodic vacuuming and an occasional cleaning using a mild detergent, soft brushing and thorough rinsing is required. Do not completely immerse. Pattern Alignment: Due to the pattern design or Roller, Solar, Roman and Natural shade materials, exact alignment of the pattern across panels is not possible. Bali’s Limited Lifetime Warranty What is Covered: This sliding panel product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the product provided that:·                The product was properly installed in a residential dwelling·                The product was made or assembled exclusively from Bali Window Fashions’ materials and components·                Bali’s recommendations were followed with regard to limitations and specifications Who is Covered: The warranty extends only to you as the original purchaser of the Sliding Panel blind.Obligations to the Consumer: The obligations of Bali are limited to the repair or replacement of parts or product found to be defective. Bali is not responsible for shipping costs or labor costs for measuring and taking the shade down or reinstalling the product. If repairs are made under this warranty, the repairs will be made with like or similar parts. What the Warranty Does not Cover: This warranty does not cover conditions or damages caused by accidents, alterations, misuse, or failure to follow instructions for measurements, installation, cleaning or maintenance. In addition, normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. All fabrics can lose original intensity after long exposure to the sun. When left for extended periods in direct sunlight, plastics tend to yellow or crack. All cords will eventually wear out. Bali considers these things to be normal wear and tear and are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other written or oral warranties or obligations and liabilities. Bali shall have no liability whatsoever for incidental or consequential damages..
Price: $295.15

Description: Warm, natural colors with bamboo type slats woven to create a look that offers a modern alternative to standard window treatments.  Add natural color, texture and dimension to your windows.  Natural shades have a more open weave, allowing light to enter through the shade.  .
Price: $304.72

Description: Steve's solar shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® for low VOC-emitting materials. GREENGUARD is tested for their chemical and particle emission to promote safe and healthy indoor environments.View our Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $99.69

Description: Bali vertical wood blinds provide a perfect solution for patio doors and wide windows. With an exclusive hinged-vane design to prevent warping (common on wood vertical vanes), they create tight closures and trouble-free operation. Match your wood vertical blinds with your horizontal wood blinds for a coordinated look. .
Price: $272.16

Description: Steve's Exclusive Exclusive Soft Sheer Vertical Blinds offers you the privacy of the sheer blind, but has elegant look of drapery at a lower price! The sheer fabric softens the natural light showing through, while vinyl vanes providing you with privacy when in the closed position..
Price: $0.00

Price: $105.86

Price: $93.33

Description: Bali Roller Shades Sheer Fabrics Tuscan is a sheer fabric available in neutral colors featuring a leaf pattern. Bali Tuscan collection is made from 100% polyester, same front and back color. Bali Tuscan collection allows the greatest amount of light into the room for a minimum amount of privacy and a view to the outside. Objects in the room can be seen quite clearly through shades..
Price: $141.68

Description: All the advantages of faux wood blinds, plus more options like decorative cloth tapes. Among expanded features: a trapezoid bottomrail, which enhances privacy and light control, and stain colors that match Bali wood blinds. A wood blind look at a more affordable price. Traditional 2" slat is made for areas with high humidity and where more privacy is desired. Customize your blinds by adding decorative valance or cornices, cloth tapes or NoHoles..
Price: $48.38

Description: Offers the feel of real fabric with the durability of a laminated backing..
Price: $129.58

Price: $236.13

Price: $188.16

Description: Solar roller shades are a popular window treatment to block sun rays while still having a view. Select from a variety of openness, the larger the percent of openness the more view out and less privacy you will obtain. Manufactured with ease of fabrication in mind, this collection is a full basket weave of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarn and are designed expressly for applications that require a more opaque and nondirectional fabric.Roller and Fabric DeductionsInside Mount: The roller is cut down .125" to allow for mechanism and brackets - the fabric will be deducted 1.125". Outside Mount: The roller is exact ordered measurement - the fabric will be deducted 1 3/8".Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $71.94

Price: $174.28

Description: Faux wood blinds are constructed from low maintenance PVC, perfect for humid environments and resistant to warping or cracking. Features durable tilt and lift cords to operate your blind smoothly and with minimal noise. For best closure slats should be positioned downward. The supplier of the budget 2" faux wood blinds have made updates to their color selection. Color and texture may vary from previously ordered blinds and samples of SB175 Cherry Textured and SB9259 Cinnamon Printed Woodgrain. If ordering based of a sample you received or ordering to match an existing order, please contact our sales department for assistance. .
Price: $6.29

Description: Production Delay: Please be advised that Levolor is experiencing a production delay with an estimated production time of 21 business days as well as material backorders. For more information regarding affected colors please contact our sales department for assistance with placing your order..
Price: $177.36

Description: Bali Roller Shades Woven Fabrics Cascade collection is a cloth shade with a woven wood look. Bring a tropical feel to any room with these stylish shades in colors inspired by nature. Bali Cascade collection is a light filtering fabric that allows light to gently filter through and provides privacy. Images and shapes may be seen through these shades, but details are not visible. Deep colors provide moderate light control, while light colors provide lower light control. Bali Cascade fabric is made from 100% polyester and offers a neutral street color for a uniform exterior look. Bali woven roller shades are custom made roller shades for windows add additional options like  cordless lift to give your shades a sleek look with no chains, perfect safety solution for homes with children or pets..
Price: $141.68

Description: Varying sizes of reeds and strings woven to create different looks and textures. Unique fabrics that help define a room's entire mood. Nature’s Beauty: Levolor natural shades are created using natural products. By nature, no two strands of grass, bamboo or reeds are exactly the same, making every shade truly unique. Slight color, grain and texture variations should be expected and cherished for their unique beauty. With any type of natural wood product, slight shrinkage, stretching, and warping may occur over time.Color Variation: Natural shade material is manufactured of fine yarns and woods. Natural and man-made fibers are spun and twisted into a variety of yard styles, then pressure-dyed to color. Fine woods are milled into a variety of sizes and shapes and finished with stains or paints. Reeds and slats retain the unique natural grain and color variations inherent in all wood products. Certain species of bamboo can vary from deep yellow to pale green. Stretching and Shrinking: Natural woven fabric will be affected by temperature and humidity. Shipping and handling may cause a slight change in shade lengths. Material stretching may be more noticeable on inside mounts. Care Instructions: Periodically vacuum with a brush attachment to ensure lasting beauty. With proper care and maintenance, natural shades should last for years. Do not use water, solvents, or abrasive solutions to clean the shade. Levolor Lifetime-Limited Warrant*: Levolor® Window Fashions proudly extends a lifetime-limited warrant on the enclosed product to the original residential retail purchaser as long as the product remains in the original window. Covered Entire product against manufacturing defects (ie., a flaw in the product design, materials, or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function)…Covered for Lifetime. If product is found to have a manufacturing defect, Levolor will (at Levolor’s discretion) do one of the following: repair the product, replace the product, refund the cost of the product. Please note that colors vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match sample swatch or previous purchases. Cords…Covered for 3 years Fabric: Covered for 5 Years Not Covered Normal Wear and Tear Any Product that Fails Due to: -Abuse -Accident -Alterations -Damage for pets/insects -Exposure to salt air -Extraordinary use -Improper Cleaning -Improper Handling -Improper Installation -Improper Operation -Misapplication -Misuse Any Product that, with the passage of time, has: -Loss of color intensity -Loss of pleating if product is not held in raised position a portion of the time -Yellowing or cracking of plastic parts or foam wood product Any motorized product Costs associated with: -Product removal -Product remeasure -Product reinstallation -Transportation to and from the retailer -Incidental or consequential damages -Shipping In the event there are multiple blinds in the same room, only the defective blind will be replaced *This warranty is directly from Levolor. No agent, representative, dealer, or unauthorized employee has the authority to increase or alter the obligation of this warranty. .
Price: $154.17

Price: $172.07

Price: $104.02

Description: Warm, natural colors with bamboo type slats woven to create a look that offers a modern alternative to standard window treatments.  Add natural color, texture and dimension to your windows.  Natural shades have a more open weave, allowing light to enter through the shade.  .
Price: $304.72

Price: $527.38