Product listing: 'Black Exterior Solar Shades Roller and Solar Shades from Bali Shades and Blinds ' to 'Black RV Roller & Solar Shades RV Shades from Steve's Exclusive Collection '

Description: Exterior Solar Shades are installed to the outside of the window, porch or patio to block the sun’s rays before they reach the interior, reducing glare, UV-ray damage and air-conditioning costs year-round. The lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature controls.View our Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $160.16

Description: Exclusive contemporary 1 3/8" slat reduces slat stack when blinds are raised and provides a stylish appearance.  Patented cordless technology eliminates unsightly lift cords, allows for easy operation and provides safety for children and pets (optional upgrade).  Steel components within the headrail provide the highest quality and durability in the industry.  Sculpted integrated valance and hidden installation brackets provide a sleek contemporary look and eliminate the need for additional hardware.  Clear round snap-on wand provides sleek appearance, smooth grip and is UV stable.  Enclosed cushioned bottomrail provides form and function..
Price: $55.95

Description: 2" slat is ideal for larger windows.  9 gauge  - the thickest premium aluminum slats, made from 90% recycled material and provide the best prevention against "kinking".  DustGuard paint additive reduces dust buildup by 50%.   Single slat framed Vogue valance provides a uniform appearance. .
Price: $56.62

Description: Solar screens provide an excellent window fashion solution for patio doors, sliding doors, as room dividers and for other large window expanses. Available in 4 stylish colors and a variety of openness. The lower the openness percentage is, the more privacy is acquired..
Price: $242.40

Price: $128.21

Description: Durable material with the look of authentic leather..
Price: $86.24

Description: A great alternative to the traditional vertical blinds. The long panels of fabric glide smoothly and are easy to install and operate on medium to large windows. Available in a wide range of handmade weaves and patterns using a variety of material combinations with 3 stylish colors to choose from..
Price: $242.40

Description:   Delight in a variety of colors from soft, crisp neutrals to bold, rich tones of the Designer Colors Collection. This energy efficient shade works to save you money and needs minimal cleaning and care. Available with Energy Shield for maximum energy efficiency Single cell construction adds insulation and is appropriate for most windows and mounting depths Soft-hand fabric collections appeal to sight and touch DustGuard protects shades, keeping them looking new for years to come Available in 36 fashionable colors   Fabric Type: Spunlace Privacy Level: Medium Energy Efficiency (R-Value)*: 3.0 Sunlight Protection (UPF Rating)**: 50   *The r-value is the window’s resistance to air flow. The higher the r-value number, the more effective the window is in reducing cooling and heating costs. Cellular shades also add insulation and can increase the r-value of a window. Cellular shades trap air within the honeycomb pockets of the shade therefore, less air escapes through the glass and window frame when cellular shades are used as window treatments. Remember, the type of glass, fame and window sash can affect the r-value of the overall window. **The Ultraviolet Protection Factor shows how well a fabric protects the solar UV rays. Levolor cellular fabrics have UPF rating to help you gauge the best solution for protecting your furnishings, floor coverings, and artwork from fading. UPF ratings range from 15 to 50, with 15-20 as good and UV blockage from 93-96%. UPF ratings of 25-35 are very good with UV blockage from 96-98%. UPF ratings of 40-50 are considered excellent and provide UV blockage from 98-99%.   Cleaning and Care: Use a brush-type vacuum attachment or feather duster for dusting. Stroke lightly over the shade. To clean with water, use a lukewarm damp sponge and lightly dab. Avoid contact with window cleaning products.   Please Note: Color lot variations may occur due to the process of color application and cellularization. For the best color match, order all shades for a room at the same time. Pattern availability and color lot match between orders cannot be assured. Any variation in color is in accordance with industry standards.   Levolor Lifetime-Limited Warrant*: Levolor® Window Fashions proudly extends a lifetime-limited warrant on the enclosed product to the original residential retail purchaser as long as the product remains in the original window.  .
Price: $102.96

Description: Production Delay: Please be advised that Levolor is experiencing a production delay with an estimated production time of 21 business days as well as material backorders. For more information regarding affected colors, please contact our sales department for assistance with placing your order..
Price: $110.06

Price: $128.70

Description: Levolor Sheer Shadings offer delicate fabrics that allow light to softly filter into the room. Sheer Shades give you the look of a shade combined with the operation of a blind. Horizontal vanes float between two layers of sheer to provide an understated elegance to any decor..
Price: $325.91

Description: Levolor Spree Banded Roller Shades are a great choice for a modern, sophisticated look. Alternate bands of sheer and solid fabrics allow you to choose open, closed, or somewhere in between to adjust light and privacy. Using light filtering fabric, the Spree collection of fabrics soften light while maintaining privacy..
Price: $262.58

Price: $254.21

Price: $121.19

Price: $140.23

Price: $161.87

Description: Steve's Exclusive Better 9/16" Single Cell Light Filtering Cellular Shades are custom made shades made of high quality spun lace, non-woven 100% polyester fabric.  Custom made cellular shades are made to your exact specifications, complete the look of your new Steve's cellular shades by adding custom options like continuous cord loop for large windows or cordless lift system ideal for homes with children and pets..
Price: $52.72

Description: Steve's Exclusive 1" Slat Cordless Metal Mini Blinds eliminates the lift cord and the tilter wand to provide a cleaner uncluttered look at an affordable price. Steve's cordless mini blinds have an integrated control handle on the bottom rail that tilts the blind open and closed with one simple touch. A simple push or pull to the bottom rail raises or lowers the blind. Steve's cordless metal blinds are light weight 7-gauge aluminum slats to ensure smooth and reliable operation for many years. We complete the look of your mini blinds with a color coordinated headrail, this eliminates the need of a valance..
Price: $37.90

Description: Steve's Exclusive Good Blackout Solid Vinyl Roller Shades are window treatments with a modern look, they’re both stylish and functional. Steve's blackout vinyl roller shades provides ultimate light and privacy control plus the vinyl is white to the outside for a neutral exterior look. These roller shades are easy to use with a simple push down spring roller system or choose a smooth-operating clutch roller controlled by a continuous cord loop this makes Steve's roller shades a popular choice..
Price: $25.74

Description: Steve's Exclusive Good Light Filtering Fabric Roller Shades are 100% polyester light filtering fabric to allow light to filter into the room while providing some privacy. If you are looking for a complete blackout shade view Steves Good Blackout Fabric Roller Shades. Steve's light filtering fabric offers a range of decorator colors and the look and feel of rich textured cloth. Steve's fabric roller shades creates an elegant and sophisticated room, install your new Steve's roller shades alone as the main window treatment or install underneath draperies. Customize your new Steve's fabric roller shades with a top valance and hem decorative options..
Price: $47.74

Description: A classic look for any window. Available in an array of stains and whites to match any room decor. As such, variations in color, grain and texture may occur. These characteristics are inherent to natural wood products and only serve to enhance their beauty..
Price: $42.59

Description: Steve's Exclusive Cordless Blinds Mini Blinds 1 inch Slat Aluminum are made with 7 gauge aluminum. Steve's cordless mini blinds are safe in homes with children and pets because there are no dangling cords. Steve's Cordless blinds are great for windows and doors and operate both the lifting and tilting of the blinds. All cordless mini blinds are custom made to your exact specifications and are made with a built-in color coordinated contoured headrail. For additional options that are not cordless please visit Steve's Exclusive Mini Blinds.>.
Price: $37.90

Description: Steve's Exclusive Cordless Shades Roller Shades in Fabric are available in various privacy and light control levels. Choose from an array of cordless roller shade fabrics like solids, patterns, textures, and woven finishes. Steve's Cordless Roller Shades are safe in homes with children and pets. All Steve's Cordless Roller Shades are custom made blinds, easy to install and affordable. Complete the look of you cordless roller shades by adding a valance or a decorative hem design. For additional options that are not cordless please visit Steve's Exclusive Fabric Roller Shades..
Price: $39.50

Description: Steve's Exclusive Collection Cordless Shades Cellular Shades 9/16 inch Single Cell Room Darkening allow small amounts of light to come in the room and inside objects appear as shadows providing some privacy. Steve's 9/16 inch single cellular room darkening is ideal for bedrooms or media rooms and for any window or door application. Steve's cellular shades are custom made with cordless or cordless top down bottom up this option is ideal for homes with children and pets, the cordless shades for your window and doors works using a hidden pulley system, simply pull up on the handle to open, or push down to close. Not all your windows need to be room darkening? Shop Steve's Exclusive Cordless 9/16" Single Cell Light Filtering for a uniform look throughout your home. For additional options that are not cordless please visit Steve's Exclusive Cellular Shades..
Price: $111.66

Description: Sheer Shades incorporate dual layers of alternating solid and sheer horizontal vanes that can open and close. In the closed position, the vanes are aligned and light filters through the sheers for gentle illumination. The panels can be raised up and out of sight into the integrated valance..
Price: $95.24

Price: $61.66

Description: Steve's Exclusive Good 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening Cellular Shades are custom made shades made of high quality spun lace, non-woven 100% polyester fabric. Steve's room darkening cell shades does not allow any light to filter into the room and provides complete privacy. Steve's single cell shades are available in a large range of colors and fabrics allowing you to decorate any room with cellular shades while maintaining a uniform look throughout your home. Some colors are available as flame resistant for home and commercial applications.**Please see "Specifications" tab for important measuring information**.
Price: $72.30

Description: Steve's Exclusive Collection Cordless Blinds Wood Blinds 2 inch Paints and Stains are ideal for any window or door size. Cordless basswood wood blinds are extremely stable yet light weight so blinds are easier to raise. Steve's cordless real wood blinds show off fine wood grain with a stain or choose painted finish to match walls or moldings. Cordless wood blinds have no hanging cords, simply pull blinds up or down to open and close, an excellent option for homes with children and pets. Steve's cordless wood blinds are custom made to your exact window or door size complete the look of your blinds with a crown valance. For additional options that are not cordless please visit Steve's Exclusive Wood Blinds..
Price: $98.15

Description: The openness percentage tells how much light enters, depends on the color selected 10% openness. When selecting the openness percentage please keep in mind that the higher the number the higher the amount of light that will come through during the day. Made out of 80% PVC / 20% Polyester. Solar screens keep your view intact, reduce glare, save energy costs and protect floors and furniture from UV rays. Roller/Solar Opacity and Openness Guide.
Price: $48.15

Description: Steve's Exclusive RV Solar Roller Shades are made with SmartWeave 5% openness sheer fabric, which provides light and shade at the same time. Select Steve's RV solar shades where total privacy is not the primary function. Steve's RV roller shades uses spring-loaded mechanism to reduce rewind speed.Click to learn more about RV blinds and shades..
Price: $111.11